SunAccount (a.k.a SunSystems), the complete accounting software system:

  • More than 100,000 users for SunSystems
  • Successfully used in over 190 countries around the World.
  • Currently used in more than 18,000 sites has been installed.
  • Continuously refined for the last 30 years to keep at the forefront of accounting innovation.

It’s simple to use and yet flexible enough to cover a comprehensive range of accounting requirements.
The SunSystems system operates according to the parameters you set. So you have complete control over the processes you use.
You control all the accounting structures, entry types, and reporting functions. You can tailor them to fit your business requirements.
All transactions are accessible for as long as you require.
You specify the analysis structure attached to each transaction. So you can analysis and report on data in the most meaningful way for your business. And simultaneously report across all ledgers, accounts, accounting periods, and analysis codes.

SunAccount Functionality

Ledger Accounting is a single ledger system that integrates: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit Control, Spending, Budgeting, Consolidation, Project/Job Costing, and Report Writers. All data entry and system changes are made in “real time” so that accounts, enquiries and reports are always fully up-to-date.

In addition to the Ledger Accounting module, SunSystems also has extended capabilities such as:

  • The Fixed Asset Register holds, processes and updates asset and depreciation information. Up to ten depreciation methods are available in each of the budget ledgers. Depreciation can be calculated automatically. Assets can be valued and depreciated separately in both local, and corporate reporting, currencies. You can record upgrades, disposals, write-offs and other information about the asset history.
  • Corporate Allocations is an extension to the ledger accounting module. It allows you to automate sophisticated allocation functions. Costs can be distributed across accounts, cost centers, projects, products, or other entities. Allocations are calculated using static ratios, or based on financial or statistical data. Allocations can be made across multiple ledgers, business units, and even other companies.
  • Multi-currency processing functions allow for unlimited currencies and exchange rates within each Business Unit. Currency conversion occurs during transaction entry and, if required, via revaluation. You can analysis your currency exposure and produce reports in each currency.
    If required, you can even use the conversion functions for time recording. You can hold multiple time rates, project costing, budget comparisons and combined time and cost reporting.

Data from the single ledger is available in “real time” to all other modules. So, for example, changes made in the ledger accounting module are immediately reflected in the asset register.

What is SunSystems?

SunAccount is part of a higher level suite of applications known as SunSystems (which includes Sales Order Management, Purchase Order Management, and Inventory Management). SunSystems also controls the enterprise-wide general system functions such as: defining operators (users), setting user permission levels, creating new BUs and budget ledgers, back-up and restore processes.

If you want to talk to a someone about investing in SunAccount for your organisation, click the following link, Leadtec Technology Ltd and visit their website.